The bond for a memorable day

We offer all the services you need to create memorable experiences. Be it curses, conferences, weddings, events or parties. After all, that’s what people want?

Tailor made events, -made excellent!

Memoria is the glue for your memorable day, whether it be course, event, wedding or party. Through thorough preparation, our experienced, creative and dedicated people will tailor make excellent events of all types. We provide all the services you need to create memorable experiences. After all, that’s what people wants?

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Experience from the heart 

Not wanting to arrange something similar, or the same that you already have attended?
Then you’ve come to the right place. We tailor make and hand pick the perfect vendors and spaces that give you a unique corporate event, on your terms. Are you arranging a corporate event for your company, and would like to give the participants inspiration, motivation and an experience they will remember? 

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  • The unique

    The wedding will be as unique as you. We listen to you, learn who you are and what you want for your day. And will give suggestions and solutions we think will make your day unique. Getting married is one of the greatest events in your life, -an event that require planning and where knowledge and experience are worth gold. With a professional wedding planner, you’re well on your way to that amazing day.

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  • Destination wedding 

    We will make your dream wedding come true!
    Do you dream of saying YES with sand under your feet, or at a grand castle?
    Make your dreams of a magical destination wedding come true with our help.

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  • One stop shop for wedding

    Sijabra or «si ja bra» («say yes good») originates from wedding planner Thomas B. Dahlberg who over many years, and in dialogue with bridal couples has experienced how complex and demanding it is to plan a wedding and all the aspects of it. In many cases because of the stress and complexity of the planning, couples tend to just continue to cohabitate instead of actually getting married. We now have the easy and great solution, both for the bridal couple and for the vendors that provides the services for the day. 

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  • Wedding in Norway 

    We have partnered up with four major partners abroad to strengthen our branding and can today invite foreign bridal couples and their guests to get married in Norway. Thomas B. Dahlberg, owner and CEO of Memoria AS can also perform the symbolic ceremony for you on a location of your choice. We have many different and unique destinations all over Norway.

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Tailor made private and corporate events

Whether you are planning an adventure rip, product launch, conference or summer/Christmas party we make it memorable. We help you regardless of the size of the business, with both big and small events and gatherings. The goal is to include all the participants and to give everyone a good experience -also you who is behind the event.

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Event or conference? 

There is a lot of carefully planned details put together for a successful conference or course.
Memoria helps businesses do just that, and can assist with everything from premises, hotels, catering and accommodations to training packages and hosts, -as well as all the planning and implementation of it all on the day.

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  • Laurence W. Odfjell - Excellent event

    Laurence W. Odfjell

    Excellent event

    Memoria was helpful with arranging everything from decorations to delicious food. We are very grateful for your follow-up of our requests and your goodwill for both us and all our guests.

  • Arne Alræk  - What a party!!

    Arne Alræk
    Frydenbø AS

    What a party!!

    From beginning to end they did an excellent job and gave us, -that was fortunate to be attending that night, an unforgettable experience. In the prosess leading up to the event you guys manage to get everyone engaged og exited, and this really showed in the finished result of the movie that has become part of our history. Amazing performance and engagement, something new, exiting, unifying and a pleasure to be part of. 

  • Jan Magne Moberg - Great service and follow-up.

    Jan Magne Moberg

    Great service and follow-up.

    Easy to book with only one contact point. Transport, accommodation, venue for the meeting and food was just as we asked for. Service and quality was really good.

  • Alexander Bølstad - Impressive

    Alexander Bølstad
    Bølstad AS


    Impressive and excellent communication. The day was perfect and exceeded all our expectations! Therefore we can strongly recommend Memoria. - For any suitable occasion we will keep using them in the future.